Yellow Tiny Home


This Yellow Tiny Home is our daily rental.(With Cathy's Country Cottage and the Tiny House on the Mountaintop) This house was built on a 18' gooseneck trailer. You can come stay with us at The Tiny House on the Mountaintop and visualize the possibilities of landscaping and additional outdoor amenities that can turn your Tiny Home into  an inviting home with outside space to enjoy.

Mount Everest

This is one of our biggest models, built on a 30' triple axel gooseneck trailer. It has full size refrigerator, stove and microwave. Along with washer/dryer hookup and a mini split heating and cooling system.

Mount Logan


This is one of our newest builds. We have a few special features in this build such as a barrel roof and fold up decks on side and back.


Certified Builder

We are a NOAH certified builder so all our homes are inspected from start to finish. So when your home is done it will receive a NOAH certification which can help you for getting Insurance or financing.